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Read about BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus and the reasons why you need to choose one ecommerce platform over the other!

If you have finally decided to use an ecommerce platform you are probably struggling with the options available. There are so many ecommerce platforms and solutions out there and choosing the best one is simply not an easy decision. If you are asking for a recommendation, we will gladly point to the two most popular and reliable ecommerce platforms BigCommerce and Shopify.

The ultimate comparison between

The ultimate comparison between these two platforms never ends. Comparing BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus is one of the first things you need to do if you want to choose a platform based on your specific needs. The differences are sometimes invisible and it can be a real challenge to make a difference unless you have an experience or you have already tried these two platforms. According to a few experts, the shipping platforms can be compared based on a few criteria – cost, features, third-party ecosystem, and design. When comparing BigCommerce vs Shopify you need to ask yourself what is the cost of running a store based on BigCommerce/Shopify and which ecommerce solution is less expensive? Which shopping cart has better and more features that are out-of-the-box? Which shopping cart has a larger Application Ecosystem? Which shopping cart have better-looking templates and more flexibility?

Determining the cost of running an ecommerce store on these platforms can be challenging because it usually depends on the type of features you need for your store. Both platforms can sometimes appear to be priced the same. But, what you get for that price is what matters. For example, Shopify is missing out a lot of functionality that other ecommerce platforms have. You will probably need to buy extra plugins to balance the missing features. In terms of features, BigCommerce is a fully features solution and some of the best features are included even in the lowest-priced ecommerce plans. If you are wondering whether the missing features matter, we would say that it always depends on your needs. In terms of design, we must say that Shopify offers the best templates on the market. The templates look much better and are more polished than BigCommerce. However, we must say that BigCommerce is the fastest-growing platform on the market and has done a lot of improvements in this area. The BigCommerce templates also look polished, modern, and responsive.

Determining the cost of running an ecommerce store
Reasons to choose BigCommerce over Shopify:
  • BigCommerce offers more out-of-the-box features. BigCommerce is also less expensive in terms of features.
  • BigCommerce offers better reporting and analytics options.
  • It allows you to have more product options
  • It doesn’t charge you any transaction fees
  • It gives you the freedom to use any payment processor you want
  • It has a better international support (this is great if you are planning to sell all over the world).
  • It offers better discounting features
  • BigCommerce has a better-abandoned cart option and allows multiple emails.
Reasons to choose Shopify over BigCommerce:
  • Shopify offers more design templates and themes
  • It has a larger third-party app ecosystem
  • It has a better 3rd party developer support
  • It has a better and more flexible organization system
  • Shopify has a larger installed base
  • Shopify has a lot more dropshipping plugins than other ecommerce platforms

So, are you ready to make a decision? Are you ready to pick the better ecommerce platform? Good luck!