On Comparing To BigCommerce, Shopify Has Better Features to Offer

In attempt to make a comparison between the two shopping cart providers, many have presented BigCommerce vs. Shopify head-to-head debate where they only look at surface level features of each company. Why can’t we have a bigger perspective than side-by-side features comparison of top enterprise ecommerce platforms?

Let’s compare on basis of how they emerge in any grand enterprise.

What about Their Pricing?

BigCommerce put no restrictions on using any specific payment processer. They charge no fees for it regardless of what processer you will use. But, they do have some limits when merchant wants an upgrade to higher plan. BigCommerce has categorized their plans as per annual sales. With their Basic plan, merchant can process up to $50,000 per year, and goes up to $1,000,000 by using their Pro plan. However, an unacceptable trend has been seen that BigCommerce has no proper mechanism to adjust for retailers’ growth.

When you use Shopify payment processor, you don’t need to pay any transaction fees. But, if you want to use a different payment program, you are bound to pay some transaction fees.

Similarity – Both of enterprise ecommerce software do charge credit card processing fees.

Winner: At the end, many people will choose Shopify owing to its less cost. Yet, when it comes to choosing the right enterprise ecommerce software, think of more than just its price.

Category Structure

Product categories are essentially required by most online stores. Contrast to Bigcommerce, Shopify offers a smarter feature for it. It makes entry of myriad of products easily. It automates the addition of items to a given category. Even you can easily put any condition to product categories like a price more than or less than required amount, specific word or phrase, and product type. All of this isn’t even possible with BigCommerce.

Real-Time Carrier Shipping

How much your site is capable to fetch shipping quotes from several shipping services depends on what enterprise ecommerce software you will get to choose. BigCommerce basic plan successfully enables this feature to their merchants compared to Shopify. However, you will need Shopify’s expensive plan if you want to avail real-time shipping calculations.


When you choose ecommerce enterprise software for your online store, it’s not only about their features. From their staff to technology, your business depends on it. In fact, you are essentially in an alliance. Being that said, do you want to partner with Shopify that successfully offers a robust technology, or it’s BigCommerce you want to choose with some questionable stuff in their past.

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