Everything You Ought To Know About Enterprise Ecommerce Software

What is Enterprise Ecommerce Software?

Enterprise ecommerce software is a tool that enables selling online. Mainly, large organizations have been using such solutions for obvious reasons. However, the trend is changing. This isn’t just for large corporations. In fact, many small companies are choosing top enterprise ecommerce platforms owing to its scalability and being cloud-based services provider.

Who is an Enterprise business?

It has nothing to do with how many employees you have, your net revenue, and how many customers you’re serving. Enterprise business is all about structure of your business. Enterprise business is an umbrella term that encompasses those businesses, whereby several departments employ the same management team, techie side, financial side.  If you’re offering more than one type of product or service, you might be an enterprise. Moreover, if company is generating an annual revenue more than $7.5M, it is considered as enterprise-sized.

What Is Enterprise Ecommerce Software and it’s Examples?

Enterprise ecommerce software is basically fabricated to serve distinct needs of large business. They connect each department of organization under one roof. This enables a more seamless business experience and makes everything run smoother.

Enterprise ecommerce software grants a centralized solution. It is more suited to a multi-location business. Also, this high-cost solution depicts the huge budget of enterprise-level business. It’s obvious; an enterprise level is a higher level with all advanced features you want to seek. These functionalities lack in basic plans.

These solutions are either hybrid or cloud-hosted. Majority of top Enterprise Ecommerce platforms are cloud-based, however.

Examples are:

Shopify plus
Bigcommerce (Enterprise)
Mozu (big brother to Volusion)
Magento (Enterprise edition)

What Enterprise Ecommerce Software Does?

They tend to include many features, some of them are:

  • Their ability to offer unlimited bandwidth, data storage, product variations, number of products.
  • Multichannel features
  • Integrated Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Order processing and Inventory management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Dedicated account manager


Whether you’re smaller enterprise or a large one, enterprise ecommerce software is designed in a way that will suit to everyone’s needs. It can support any weight. For instance, Shopify and Magento (community edition) will work well for a startup whereas business of high sales volume will choose their “Plus” or “Enterprise” package respectively. This is because, larger business wants enterprise ecommerce software that is scalable and won’t outgrow. As compare to starter editions, enterprise level plans are scalable in general.

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